***DMWB CA 1/8th Super Saver Class Rules*** PILOT FOR 2008

All normal 1/8th rules apply add and/or change the following:

8S 1p 5000ma LiPo or 24 to 32 nimh cells MAX

Any 1/8 scale Hull similar in size to an NAMBA 1/8 Scale Hydro Hull, give or take ONE inch (if you would like to race in the regular Scale Class, please pick a class approved boat)

Any motor, the NEU 1521/1.5Y (light setup) or 1527/1.5Y (heavy setup) are suggested (currently testing others).

Any ESC , the CC 110HV is suggested (currently testing others).

Races to be withheld on a 1/6 mile course when available, with an option for 1/8 course and 1 full mill lap. Races to be in the following format:

* Minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 boats per race.

* 3 heats with the top 6 transferring into the main event.

Races to begin in 2008 and voted at the end of racing year for betterment of class. One must have raced at least 1 race to be able to vote.

*** Note, these rules are subject to change ***